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Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services in Belleville IL

As warmer weather approaches, it’s time to turn your furnace off and start enjoying the nice cool breeze from your AC unit! However, if you notice that your air conditioning unit will not turn on or that the temperature of your home is not decreasing to the desired setting, contact our expert HVAC technicians at Polar Aire in Belleville, IL. We are a family-owned and operated heating and cooling company that strives to provide excellent customer service and top-of-the-line products to residential and commercial customers in the Madison County area. With years of experience in quality air conditioning repair and installation services, as well as expert maintenance on air conditioning units of all brands and models, our technicians are the perfect choice for your AC services. Give our shop a call and ask about our free estimates and 24/7 emergency services!

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Benefits of AC Repair Services
Belleville IL

There is no system or appliance more depended upon or appreciated during the brutally hot summer months than the air conditioner. If your home or business suddenly finds itself without a properly functioning AC, our technicians at Polar Aire want to help alleviate your discomfort. During the Midwest summer months, the heat can reach unhealthy and even dangerous levels. Invest in AC repair services from our experts and guarantee the safety of your family in Belleville, IL. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of our air conditioning repair services and we will promise to make your comfort our top priority.

  • Family-owned Business
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Works with all Makes & Models
  • Excellent Products & Functionality
  • Always Available with 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Special Offers & Discounts
  • Free Estimates
  • Affordable Financing Options
  • Great Results & Restored AC
  • Dedicated to Honesty, Professionalism, & Integrity

Air Conditioning Repair
Belleville IL

Have you been hearing a loud clunking sound coming from your AC unit? Does it seem like your home is not cooling as well as it used to? There could be an underlying issue that requires professional air conditioning repair. Thankfully, your local HVAC technicians at Polar Aire in Belleville, IL are highly trained and experienced in providing a variety of repairs and tests on your air conditioning unit to determine the exact cause of the issue. We know that some AC repairs can cost a fortune, leaving home and business owners reluctant to hire a professional without trying to fix the issue themselves. At Polar Aire, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service with our customer’s concerns always at the forefront of our mind, that’s why we offer free estimates on our air conditioning repair services and affordable parts to get your home back to normal.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance
Belleville IL

For a majority of homeowners and business owners in the Belleville, IL area, the only time you think about your AC unit is when you step into a perfectly cooled room after coming in from the blazing heat. However, you will quickly notice when your air conditioner starts to fail. Over its 15–20-year lifespan, you should rarely have to repair your air conditioner, as long as you perform the AC maintenance needed to keep up with the harsh weather environments. With years of experience in air conditioning maintenance on a variety of units from quality manufacturers like Rheem, American Standard, Goodman, York, and more, our highly trained technicians can offer exceptional maintenance services on your air conditioning system in Belleville, IL. Let our skilled team keep you and your family cool and comfortable this summer. Schedule an appointment today by calling (618) 772-7007.

Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair
Belleville IL

As a homeowner or business owner, it is your responsibility to your family or your staff to keep all systems functioning properly by noticing whenever potential problems arise and report them right away to the professionals. Our skilled technicians at Polar Aire in Belleville, IL are always ready to provide expert care to your air conditioner. Be vigilant of the signs your AC unit needs repair services and inform us immediately so we can assist you as soon as possible.

  • Unit is Making Unusual Noises
  • Little to No Air Coming From the Vents
  • Temperature Inside is not Decreasing
  • Thermostat is not responding to programming
  • Unit is Old or hasn’t been Serviced in Months
  • Warm Air is being Emitted Instead of Cool Air
  • Strange Odors Occur when Unit is Turned On
  • Water or Freon Leaks Around the Unit
  • Increase in Energy Bills
  • Unit has Shut Down and Refuses to Function
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Polar Aire is proud to provide expert HVAC Services for air conditioners, furnaces, geothermal units, boilers, air purifiers, and humidifiers/dehumidifiers. Our technicians have years of experience and training that they will apply to their work to ensure your continued comfort in your home. Our team in Belleville, IL will be dedicated to performing the best job possible while adhering to our most important values of honesty, professionalism, and integrity. If you’re still wondering why you should choose us, explore our website to read testimonials and learn about the expert services we provide. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. We are always here for you.

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