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Reliable Air Conditioning Repair & Mini-Split Installation in Edwardsville Illinois

With warm weather approaching, it’s time to turn off your furnace and begin to cool your home with a quality A/C unit from Polar Aire, your local heating and cooling shop in Edwardsville, Illinois! Whether you’re looking to replace your old air conditioner, or your current one needs repair, our technicians are highly trained and certified to provide everything from regular maintenance to in-depth repairs on a variety of makes and models. As a family-owned and operated business, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and strive to complete every job to the highest quality. Our company provides cooling services to both residential and commercial customers in Madison County, Illinois. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today if your A/C unit is not working properly or has stopped working altogether, we are open 24/7 to ensure the safety and comfort of your home!

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Air Conditioning Repair
Edwardsville IL

Is your air conditioning system not responding when you adjust the temperature on your thermostat? This could be caused by anything from damage due to pests, harsh weather conditions, or improper maintenance. Regardless of the issue, our technicians at Polar Aire in Edwardsville, Illinois have years of experience providing residential and commercial A/C repair services on a wide range of name-brand makes and models. Whether your air conditioning system is making a loud, unexplainable noise or you cannot get it to keep your home cool, we are certified to identify the problem area and provide the repairs necessary to restore your air conditioner to full health. Contact our technicians today for affordable A/C repair services in Edwardsville, Illinois, and receive a free estimate on your next HVAC appointment.

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Air Conditioning Installation
Edwardsville IL

If you have been experiencing long-term issues with your air conditioning system, or it has just gone out entirely, this may mean that your A/C needs to be replaced. Thankfully, at Polar Aire in Edwardsville, IL we offer air conditioning installation services and the removal of your current A/C unit to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable all summer long. We offer a variety of name-brand air conditioners such as American Standard, Goodman, Rheem, York, and more to ensure that every one of our customers receives a quality product at an affordable price. We know that replacing an A/C unit can be frustrating and intimidating all at once, that’s why our team is here to help you every step of the way! Give our shop a call to learn more about the brands we carry, and which one will best fit your home or business.

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AC Maintenance
Edwardsville IL

We get it. One of the last things you want to do in the summertime is to clean and maintain your A/C unit. While it may seem tedious, we can guarantee that with a call to Polar Aire in Edwardsville, IL, your air conditioner will be functioning like new. Our HVAC specialists have decades of experience maintaining A/C units whether that means changing air filters, cleaning the inside of the system, or removing debris from the base of the unit. We service a wide range of brands, makes, and models! Don’t let your home suffer due to a clogged air conditioner, call our technicians and schedule an appointment to have your residential or commercial A/C unit inspected and maintained today.

Edwardsville IL

Are you tired of having to keep track of the maintenance and potential issues that could arise with your conventional air conditioning unit? Our team at Polar Aire in Edwardsville, IL has the perfect solution! We offer mini-split systems that are made to control the temperature of each room in your home or business individually to ensure everyone’s personal preference all year long. Mini-split units are a great choice for new-build homes or smaller properties that cannot afford to lose the space that is taken up by traditional A/C systems. Not only this, but they are extremely energy efficient and can even help lower your monthly bill. If you’re interested in investing in a mini-split unit for your residential or commercial property, call us today at (618) 772-7007.
mini-split services in edwardsville illinois
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Geothermal Cooling
Edwardsville IL

You might be wondering, what exactly is geothermal cooling? Our geothermal A/C systems keep your home or business at the perfect temperature year-round using energy from the surface of the Earth. Using the natural temperature of the Earth allows geothermal systems to create renewable and reliable energy solutions that never run out! Our technicians in Edwardsville, IL are specialized in repairing, maintaining, and installing geothermal cooling systems for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a geothermal cooling unit, and receive a free estimate on the installation process!

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