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Custom Sheet Metal & Air Quality Services in the Metro East

When it comes to keeping the air in your home or business clean and filtered properly, you can count on maintenance and repair services from our experts at Polar Aire in the Metro East. We offer a range of additional services including certified air quality tests and custom sheet metal fabrication when your air ducts are suffering from holes or loose vents. Whether the air in your residential or commercial property is feeling musty in the summer or extremely dry in the winter, we have a variety of solutions to keep your air clean and healthy all year round. For more information on the additional services we offer to customers in the Madison County area, call our shop at (618) 772-7007 and ask to speak to one of our qualified technicians. Don’t forget to ask about our FREE estimates!
humidifiers and dehumidifiers installation services in the collinsville illinois area

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Have you ever felt like your home was stuffy or excessively dry, even when the thermostat is set at the correct temperature? The answer to all of your problems is none other than humidity! Humidity is the main cause for uncomfortable air quality in homes and businesses throughout the Metro East area. So how do we eliminate the lack or excess of humidity in your property? At Polar Aire, we provide specialty humidifiers and dehumidifiers for residential and commercial customers to keep the air in your home or business regulated and free of uncontrolled humidity levels in the summer and winter months. Contact us today for more information regarding your home’s air quality and we will inspect your HVAC systems while offering permanent affordable solutions.

Air Quality

As seasons change, it’s common to feel a change in the air in your home simply by turning on the air conditioning unit or furnace. This can be for many reasons, but oftentimes it’s due to air contaminants such as pollen, bacteria, dander, and even odors and chemicals that can lie within your air ducts and HVAC systems. At Polar Aire in the Metro East, we are committed to keeping the air in your home or business free of any harmful contaminants that can affect the comfort of your property, that’s why we offer professional air quality and purification services. When your space needs an air quality test, we are here to keep every room of your home and business clean and safe. Call us today at (618) 772-7007 to schedule an appointment!
air purification and air quality services near collinsville illinois

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custom sheet metal fabrication services near collinsville illinois

Sheet Metal

Every home or business has a ventilation system for their heating and air to travel through, making it extremely important to have quality duct systems to prevent air leaks or restricted airflow. Everything from loose vents to damaged metal can cause the heat and air traveling through your home to lack efficiency, not heating nor cooling the rooms in your home or business properly. Thankfully, this an easy fix with expert custom sheet metal services from your local experts at Polar Aire in the Metro East in Illinois. If you suspect issues with your air duct system, call our technicians today for custom sheet metal repair and installation services for your residential home or commercial business in the Madison County, IL area. We offer FREE estimates on all of our HVAC services.

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